Gag me with a microchip!

Hmmm about me? There are so many different roles I play so here is a run down of the main roles.

MOM-  I am the proud mother of four beautiful children.  Their ages are 14,11, 7 and 5.  Each one amazing in their own unique way.  In the last 14 years of parenthood I’ve been in two toxic (abusive)marriages and have now been in a healthy, truly loving and awesome relationship for the last 2 1/2 years. The advice to fall in love with your best friend is so true for me. Being in a stable and healthy relationship is a very important part of parenting.  Kids watch you more than listening so I wanted them to see me happy.


I also had to learn how to be a thrifty mom when I was single again finishing my AA degree while pregnant with my fourth child.( I actually went into labor during my finals!) Being a full-time student, having my own business, and being a single mom of four I learned lots of creative ways to put healthy food on the table, keep money in the bank account, and use the government programs that are available as a stepping stone instead of a crutch.  As a generation x mom I have always treated my children with love and respect.  I know they are watching me and strive to be the best realistic role model I can be for them.  I tell them the truth about life and as a parent show them how to resolve conflicts and see the challenges life gives you as opportunities for growth.  Everyone has periods of struggle in one way or the other I want my children to be prepared and be resilient. I also enjoy lots of recreational activities with my children.  We like to go whitewater rafting, camping, hiking, swimming, rock climbing, skateboarding, mountain boarding, and are always adding to that list.  As a mom I do make sure my children are well disciplined(and they are!) but I know that by spending lots of time connecting and enjoying life with them they don’t act up as much.

Next role…

Thirtysomething woman.
It’s weird because I don’t act like I am in my 30’s. People think I’m about 10 years younger usually.  I am responsible but still enjoy lots of recreational activities mostly with my children but there are somethings I do alone or with my partner Doug. Life is short and I want to enjoy it as long as possible.  Exercise has become very important to me but it has to be fun.  I enjoy walks with my dog, yoga in the park, going to the community center and swimming or working out at home in my room to videos.  Lately I’ve been trying more crafts like making hula hoops, jewelry and sewing.

After shopping on ebay this year for the kids school clothes I decided to try and make some extra money by selling things on ebay.  I’m still new at that but am enjoying learning the ropes. Also I am building a website for fun and for possible extra money as well.


I grew up in a very fundamental christian household.  I’m not going to name the religion out of respect for my other family members and the religion itself.  It wasn’t for me as I am more of a free spirit.  I do believe that there is a bond between all of humanity though  I also believe in the power of positivity and visualization.     I start my day everyday by listening to  daily motivational  podcasts.  As an early fan of the movie “The Secret” I have found practicing certain tips extremely helpful in my life.  I enjoy finding others who practice “the secret” and have seen results as well.  I’ve been interviewing people who have utilized the power of visualization and positivity for over 2 years now.  I hope to continue to learn and help others for as long as I live.


Goals should be the number one subject listed here.  If you don’t have goals for your life who are you living for? Are you content with just letting the days and months go by “doing just enough” to make it? I’m not!  I’ve put years of reading countless self help books, seminars, therapists, etc, all to come to one conclusion.  If you are depressed or feel lost the very first thing you need to do is figure out goals.  Start with the small short term, easy to meet goals.  Then jump to the big long term goals.  I like to make a vision board every 6 months or so.  I find pictures in magazines, on the internet, or draw them myself and put them on a poster board.  It doesn’t really matter what the pictures ARE OF it matters what they mean to you.  (Don’t add any words to your vision board you are working with a different part of your brain.)  When my vision board is complete I put it up in the bathroom or closet where I can look at it everyday.  When I look at each picture I study it for a little while then close my eyes and imagine how it would feel physically and emotionally to achieve that goal.  I get really detailed in my daydreams trying to trick my mind into believing I already have attained that goal.  It feels a little wierd at first but eventually you get used to it.  I have had so many detailed things come to fruition by using this technique.  Even my life partner Doug was first a goal on my vision board.  I imagined him almost exactly the way he is in real life! It’s kind of eerie but true.


Politics are such a touchy subject these days.  I have never really been a super political person because I grew up with pacifist/ neutral parents.  It is actually against my parents religion to involve themselves in the politics of this world.  So forming my own ideas as an adult about the politics of government and civil rights has been a long journey.  It’s hard for me to identify myself as either a Democrat or Republican.  I am more of an independent even though I am VERY happy that Obama is president now and think it is a step in the right direction.  Personally I am a pretty liberal woman.  I think that our tax money should ensure all citizens with the necessities of life INCLUDING HEALTHCARE!  There are so many veterans and disabled people out there living on the streets, sleeping under bridges, begging for money or help and most people just look over them like they don’t exist.  There is a big debate in this country right now over healthcare and whether the government should offer an option for those who can’t afford big insurance or do not qualify.  HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE!  Are we as american’s THAT greedy?  How can people sleep at night knowing there are elderly people out there choosing between medication that will save their life or food for the next week! Not only elderly either! I personally pay $400 extra dollars a month for a prescription for my 7 year old daughters debilitating migraines.  The state run insurance she qualifies for won’t cover her brand name prescription even though it is the only one that works.  If she doesn’t take her medicine she can’t go to school or even enjoy her childhood due to extreme migraine headaches.  They not only affect her head but her whole body! Sometimes she can’t see or walk due to them.   So a whole weeks paycheck  goes to her medicine every month just because I don’t have enough money to pay for regular insurance for her.  And truthfully she wouldn’t even qualify for regular insurance now anyways because of this pre-existing condition.

Besides the healthcare issue politically I really like to help out the underrepresented people I will occasionally have polls asking questions about parenting and just growing up in generation x and how it has affected your adult life.  There will be a forum starting soon that will open up dialogue between everyone.  Think about topics you would like to discuss and maybe with a joining of like minded people we can come up with some creative answers.    I wish we had a government more like Norway where vacations are mandatory and the government actually helps go on tropical vacations every year!  If people could just take time to reconnect with their families and nature our society would be more humane I believe.    Last but definitely NOT least is my issues with the food industry in this country and around the world.  The huge amounts of foods with preservatives, high calorie junk food, and our fascination with energy drinks and soda  has caused a generation of junk food junkies.  We are way overweight and addicted to high fructose corn syrup and caffeine, among other things.  I would like more regulation on farming and like the idea of those companies  being forced to  have cage free and antibiotic free meats and eggs.  No more slaughter factories with sick and infirmed livestock being used as a weeknight dinner.  It’s not only inhumane for the animals but not good for our bodies.  All those extra hormones travel into our body when we eat the meats.  One great solution is just to stop eating animal products but since realistically most people will not do that there should be an option for others as well.  Meat eaters   should demand for at least  better treatment for our livestock. The cows and pigs and sheep should enjoy a happy life wandering on beautiful meadows eating rich green grasses.  We should learn from our Native American neighbors the practice of honoring our food and not wasting any part.    There should be more free community education teaching young people how to not only grow their own organic gardens but also show them easy recipes to enjoy the fruits of their labor.   Ok I am rambling on here I guess this is a topic for a blog I will continue later.


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