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{November 2, 2009}   Food Cart Heaven

Portland is a great city to study people.  I love people watching it’s one of my favorite things to do especially while enjoying delicious eats.  This city has a great variety of options  available too. One of the different things about Portland is the quality of their food carts.   There are plenty of healthy vegan/vegetarian options as well as BBQ, Breakfast foods, Baked potatoes, crepes, etc.  Not only are they delicious but some stay open til 4am (great for after going out) and they are so budget-friendly too.  And on this  great website called I learned about the idea of “mash ups”.   That is where you take food from one cart (or from home if you wish) and then bring it to SideCart on SW5th between Stark and Oak and have them deep fry anything you want for $3!  I know that is pretty awful for your arteries but we all love to splurge sometimes.  🙂 If you live in Portland and you love yummy food and lots of people watching you should check out this site and see what’s out there!





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