Gag me with a microchip!

{May 20, 2009}   Kissing money goodbye!
My 7 year old daughter L Kissing money goodbye! has been plagued with abdominal migraines for the last year and a half. Her symptoms are so debilatating. She has not only the classic migraine headache but also a severe nausea, cramping in her legs so bad she can’t walk at times, extreme sensitivity to light so she has to stay in the dark, and extreme sensitivity to noise (having 3 other sibilings doesn’t help that). It was such a difficult thing to even diagnose it took a year for her to get in to see a neurologist. That was in the end of December 08. Her neurologist put her on the medicine Topomax and it was amazing the difference it made. She was able to return to school and enjoy her childhood again instead of being miserable. Problem solved…or so I thought.

Last month a generic form of Topomax was released. So when she got her refill they filled it with that (insurance rules). I have no problem with generics if they do the same job, but this one didn’t. Her migraines are back. Everyday again! She mine as well not even take it. I took her back to the doctor and he said that he will mark “brand name necessary” on the prescription but my insurance won’t pay for it. That means I have to pay almost $300 a month now for her medicine. ON TOP OF paying for medical insurance! She is worth every penny don’t get me wrong. It is just a shame that even though it is medically necessary insurance companies don’t make exceptions. This is another reason why there should be major healthcare reform!


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